Clarity in chaos—joy in the process

When a company reaches out to Kiki Kirby Consultancy, it’s not usually under great circumstances. There’s a problem that needs solving…

…maybe your people (your greatest asset) aren’t feeling valued

…maybe you’ve grown fast without the infrastructure to support that growth

…maybe your team isn’t getting along. 

Things feel uncertain. 

One thing is certain though, no matter the problem plaguing your company, it’s an opportunity to rise to the challenge and grow to meet a newer, higher standard. 

Change feels chaotic. But your evolution can be profitable, simple, and even…joyful.

Hello, I’m Kiki 

Founder of Kiki Kirby Consultancy.

But for our purposes, you can think of me as your partner in creating radical, impactful change in your company—the kind that keeps your turnover low, your bottom line high and your people thriving. 

I am a people person (if you haven’t already noticed). With over a decade of HR and coaching experience, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I truly value the people that make up an organisation and I think companies should too. 

When I work with companies to solve their most daunting people-based problems, it’s usually an indication that something needs to change. Which is why I bring a unique approach and a proven framework to every organisation I work with. 

…Oh yes and I bring a team of highly competent individuals from a variety of disciplines for good measure.


Together we bring an external perspective to your toughest challenges. We help you foster a thriving environment for your staff. We help you evolve faster than the problems you’re facing and achieve your goals, with ease, simplicity and joy. 

Change can be powerful. 

Change can make your people better. 

Change can help your company thrive. 

And the process to get there can be joyful.

Think we’d be a good fit?


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