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Kiki Kirby Consultancy brings people-centered, profitable solutions to complex workplace problems. 

A consultant is someone who
saves a client enough to pay their fee

People at the heart get bottom line results

When a team isn’t functioning the way it should, it shows in the bottom line. We don’t think any company should lose profit or peace of mind because of high turnover, unstable team dynamics, or communication breakdowns. 

Kiki Kirby Consultancy brings clarity
to chaos in the workplace

Every organisation is different. Every challenge is unique. But at the heart of every successful company are its people.  Which is why the team at Kiki Kirby Consultancy is constantly evolving to solve people-based problems in the workplace. 

 We come from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines to best serve you in the areas of: 


Talent Well-being

Employee Engagement

Organisational Development


Companies face issues in these areas for many reasons. But, through decades of combined experience, we’ve found the cause can generally be boiled down to dysfunction within three core areas: Process, People, & Purpose. 

When a company is stuck, facing a buyout, needing a succession plan, or dealing with any number of complex challenges, we bring simplicity to chaos by using our proven syncing up heartbeats frame work. 

We keep people at the center and make the process joyful

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