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  Bring heart into your people strategies  

Kiki Kirby Consultancy brings people-centered, profitable solutions to complex workplace problems. 

We help to Tackle retention, talent management, employee engagement and people development with a balanced and more human approach

A consultant is someone who saves a client enough to pay their fee

  People at the heart get bottom line results  

At the heart of every business are it’s people. People can innovate, collaborate and take an organisation to each and every level of success.

But they can also drain resources, mental energy and ultimately profit.

A high turnover is costly. Talent which isn’t stretched becomes complacent, or even worse talent overworked can burn out if neglected. Glassdoor reviews become a recruitment hurdle instead of an asset. And people related problems soon start to infiltrate into the culture of an organisation.

When a team isn’t functioning the way it should, it shows in the bottom line. We don’t think any company should lose profit or peace of mind because of high turnover, unstable team dynamics, or communication breakdowns.


Kiki Kirby Consultancy brings clarity to chaos in the workplace

Kiki Kirby Consultancy is here to bring some clarity to chaos and help you improve your people dynamics. Healthy people and a healthy culture will drive bottom line success.

With a close-knit core team, and some talented associates, we pride ourselves on listening to your unique set of challenges and meeting you with a compelling solution.

Our work centres around four key areas






With decades of combined experience, we developed a methodology that guides us to address any dysfunction in three core areas: People, Process and Purpose.


This framework can be applied to a multitude of situations and challenges you might be facing – a gap in a succession plan; a decrease in employee engagement or the integration of a new workforce.

We’re a people first company that believes in fostering a trusted partnership.

The best way to see if we’re a fit is to simply reach out.

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