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Does your business need a podcast??

According to Google, a podcast is an audio file, made available on the internet for downloading to a computer, tablet or mobile device, typically as a series. New installments of this series can be received by subscribers automatically.

Many of the most popular podcasts fall into the categories of either business, news, or self-help and have become a place where listeners go to gain knowledge and grow. I've taken some time over the past seven months, to research into this ‘world’ of podcasting as its been on our quarterly goals and KKC to get one up and running for quite some time. Unfortunately, when running your own business you soon realise that ideas like this are great and would benefit your business so much however the time, dedication, resources, and budget can all be factors that put this idea to the bottom of the list.

So here’s what I've learned…

Podcasts are for experts and industry leaders where they can offer a unique experience to provide valuable, in-depth information to their audience. Creating a podcast allows you to display your knowledge on an effective education and marketing tool. You can build trust with your prospective client base, by providing a simple way of showing the prospecting customers what you are like to work with before they buy anything from you. Yes, it’s simple but it’s really effective and most people love to try before they buy.

Beyond short-form content like social media or blog posts, a podcast's long-form format allows you to cultivate a deeper relationship with your audience and grow your reach to new listeners at the same time. You can do this through the use of the tone of your voice, thinking about who your ideal listener is and really answering what they are looking for.

This free advice is likely to reach more qualified prospects quicker and allows you to hone in on them, identify their pain points and ultimately give them what they want to know. This can be done from the comfort of your own home, on your own timing, with limited rules and regulations about what you can and can’t say. Again, simple but effective.

You want to have good content which isn’t boring. Over the past year or so, I've been actively listening to different podcasts on my commute to and from work and I want to hear engaging information, not the type of information that is boring, slow, monotone or something that makes you want to fall asleep.

The final point I want to address is the success of those who maintain consistency – seasons, episodes, etc. The people who upload content on a structured time schedule, be that once a month, once a week or an episode a day; staying consistent is the best thing that you can do. This allows your audience to know when to expect another and keep them hooked for the next installment.

What are the benefits?

  • Podcasts are easy! They can be recorded pretty much anywhere, for relatively low cost and uploaded to the internet for your viewers to hear.

  • They allow you to produce long content, short term.

  • They allow you to support partners by bringing on hosts. (See below for more info)

  • People get to know you personally which builds a connection and this is constantly working in the background which becomes a repeat touchpoint for your audience - 24/7.

Kiki, I and the team at KKC know that creating the KKC podcast is 100% on our goals for 2020, after putting it on hold in 2019 and therefore, we would love to hear your feedback about:

  • What you would like to hear from us?

  • Who you would like our guest speakers to be? And,

  • What we should name this new project of ours

…after all, 2020 is really not far away!

To keep on track, we are using the Goal Setting Guide that Kiki created and good news, it is also FREE for you to download and keep on top of your own goals!

We’ve also had some experience at talking to different audiences, as guests on their podcasts listed below. We thought that it would be a great idea to promote these lovely people and allow you to get a feel for something exciting coming next year.


Choose Courage with Lynsay Anne

‘I talk with Kiki Kirby founder of Kiki Kirby Coaching about her inspiring journey into entrepreneurship. 16 years ago Kiki moved from Zimbabwe to the UK where she had a very successful career in HR and Recruitment. After suffering burnout Kiki went on 6 years ago to start her business where she helps women to be bold and courageous even when they don't feel like it!’

The Career Happiness Podcast

‘In this podcast episode, I speak with the inspiring Kiki Kirby of Kiki Kirby coaching. Kiki is a life and business coach who helps her clients in a heart-centered way to align with their true purpose. She is a truly amazing lady and someone you can learn a lot from. So, if you want to feel inspired and motivated by someone who has already had a truly amazing journey both in her life and business this is a great episode to listen to. Kiki gives some amazing advice about how to not give up on your dreams and keep going.’

The Carl Reader Show #BeYourOwnBoss

‘This episode we welcome back Kiki Stanton (The lady with one name). Kiki and I delve into the detail of social media platforms and how they work for our businesses. We chat about what works and what doesn't, and the tips and tricks that you can apply to your business.’

The Carl Reader Show #BeYourOwnBoss

‘Start from a blank piece of paper, make it a success." - Kiki (Kiki Kirby Coaching) and I cover a lot of ground in this interview. From comedy to cancer, personality profiling, and life challenges, Kiki's positive vibe is impossible to crush, no matter what gets thrown her way (and she's no stranger to loss and hardship). We talk about support, transformation, inspiration, learning, getting the most out of careers and much more. Big focus on hiring the right people and the lesser-known ways to select them that nearly everyone overlooks. Enjoy!’

Path to Success with Ruth Kudzi

‘This week Ruth talks to heart-centered business and life coach Kiki. Kiki is someone Ruth has known and admired for a long time. She has a really positive outlook on life and has built 2 successful businesses. Kiki shares how she got to where she is and the challenges she has faced, burn out, fighting cancer and how they have been significant in her path to success. Delighted to share such an inspirational story.’

One Dream One Vision with Irene Watson

‘In this episode, I discussed with Kiki Stanton of kikikirbycoaching about dreams, mind-set and being your best.’

The Heartbeat with Christine Saunders – Wholehearted Life

‘This episode of The Heartbeat we will get to hear from two lifelong friends about the power of their friendship. Kiki Stanton and Sarah Bull talk about the seasons of friendship and the close bond they’ve shared through the ups and downs of life. Most importantly they share their unconditional love.’

The Heartbeat with Christine Saunders – Wholehearted Life

‘When you know… you know! That’s how I describe the connection Kiki and I have! We both believe we were meant to connect…there was an outside force and I am overjoyed with gratitude. Kiki shares her journey with us from the corporate world to being a passionate entrepreneur… beating cancer and now living and loving with her whole heart. Kiki shares some strategies for living a fulfilled life.’

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