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How can you create and implement beneficial change in the workplace?

Change is very important in the workplace because it means that the company or organisation is evolving and adapting to its current needs, that might be the needs of the CEO to secure their vision for the future, it might be the needs of the people or workforce within the company to ensure they are developed and satisfied in their roles or simply just the need to update the internal processes and policies, to keep the company up to date and increase effectivity.

Change doesn’t just happen overnight, it needs guidance and a planned approach to ensure that it is beneficial and worthwhile, otherwise, changes could happen that don’t align to your company values or your workforce could end up being very unhappy and have little motivation in their roles.

So what areas of my business do I need to focus on to ensure that any implemented change is beneficial?

  1. People

  2. Process

  3. Purpose

Considering your people when you are implementing change is vital! – why?

Processes –why?

Purpose – why?

Link to framework:

At KKC, we have developed a framework that ensures you cover off (what we think are) the most important areas of your business to ensure that change is welcomed, appreciated and beneficial to each individual who works there. At the centre of change is the heart of your company – the right people.

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