We bring heart and joy to organisational change

Kiki Kirby Consultancy helps your company evolve to meet the needs of its people at every stage

When a company is stuck they are faced with a choice...

...Continue with the status quo or rise to better serve their people.

Here’s the bold-faced truth: you’re either developing your people or you’re not.

And if you’re not, things feel off-kilter. You’re in a vulnerable place. The solutions you’ve tried to implement haven’t worked. 

You’re team’s not getting along, a senior leader is leaving, or there are breakdowns in communication. 

It’s painful. It’s hard.

It’s the perfect time to evolve. 

All companies face difficulties...

Here are some of the most common that we solve

A Buyout

Succession Planning

High Turnover

Team Dynamic Issues

Leadership Development

Rapid Growth

Poor Communication

Skills Gaps

From small organizations to large FTSE 100 businesses, we work with companies of all sizes to see them through their toughest times. 

Some powerful projects we have executed


People. Talent, Recruitment Strategy with high volume recruitment and increased retention rates


Improved employee well-being through Work Life Balance Workshops, Health and Well-being at the centre of your career


Empowering and Inspiring Employee Career Development Training


Coaching, Training Development of Leaders focused on Mindset

Our Approach

Every organisation is different. Which means that relationship, deep cultural learning, and rigorous understanding of your team is at the core of how we help you.

We do it simply, we do it right…and we bring joy to the process. 

With decades of combined experience our team will map out the bespoke solution you need. Whether that includes workshops for groups, individual & team coaching, or some combination of approaches, we will work with you to find the right solution.

People are at the heart our work.

We have learned that the three core components of an organisation Process, People & Purpose affect everyone from senior leaders to frontline staff. When one component isn’t functioning, everyone feels it.

Which is why we’ve created the ‘Syncing Up Heartbeats framework’. It’s the proven framework we’ve used to create joyful, people-centered change in hundreds of organisations. 

Change is hard, BUT we believe it should also be joyful. 

“Kiki is professional, dedicated, popular, highly experienced and knowledgeable and has a passion for sharing it with others.”

Sue Kingston

Head of HR Business Partnering | People & Development

St. James’s Place Wealth Management

Are we the right fit for you?

Yes, if you feel like now is the right time to invest in your people

No, if you want to take the risk of your losing your current talent and knowledge in your organisation





“Kiki tailored and delivered a coaching session to a range of employees. The preparation and delivery was on point and gave the employees a great basis to learn from.”



Simplicity in chaos is our specialty

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