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Life Coaching. People Consultancy. What are they?

Coaching and consultancy. Two familiar words... Yes! No! Maybe you’ve heard of them before but, you don’t actually know what they mean? Well. You’re in luck.

Two of our most frequently asked questions are ‘what is a [life coach/business coach/coach in general/business consultant/people consultant]?’ and ‘why do I need one?’ So, let me be the bearer of good news – I’ve got the answers here for you.

Today’s article is taking a much more informative approach, by giving you a fly-on-the-wall experience into the world of KKC. Kiki Stanton, the founder of Kiki Kirby Coaching + Consultancy has over 18 years of experience in recruitment and in 2012 qualified in Personal Coaching, Corporate & Business Coaching, Youth Coaching and Coaching in Education.

First things first: What can you expect from a life coach?

What do you think of when you hear the words ‘life coaching’? Are you a bit unsure and is that holding you back from starting your life-changing journey?

Well, a life coach, whether in a 1:1 face-to-face session, a workshop, a webinar or just on a blog/social media is there to give you the guidance and support, to find your real purpose in life - what you were always built to do!

Talking through tools and strategies, the coach will motivate and inspire, build your confidence, make the goals you set seem achievable and then push you to heights to achieve them (which beforehand was once just a day dream).

Of course it’s not an easy ride and coaches aren’t miracle workers, it requires pure, hard work and dedication. You have to want to be coached more than anything in that moment to reap the full benefits. On the way, you’ll discover more and more about yourself and it will mould and shape you into the better you. The new and improved version of whatever you’re trying to aim towards.

A life coach empowers you in difficult situations because they are not there to tell you what to do. The answer is already within you and it’s their job to work with you to find it!

Coming out the other side of life coaching (when you’ve fully committed to it) is an incredible, unexplainable feeling. The whole weight of the world has been lifted from your shoulders, you know all the answers to get to where you’re destined to go and your mind is filled with only positive affirmations.

Your limits can be extended to your own new perspective. In fact, you may not have any limits on what you can achieve after coaching. What an amazing feeling of freedom that would be!

Now, I know what you’re thinking. You need a life coach. Well, a life coach isn’t the only thing you might need. If you are a business owner, entrepreneur, employer, manager, team leader or thinking about taking that next step in your work life then please keep reading…

What can I expect from a people consultant?

Let’s start off with a question to get you thinking: Are your people at the heart of your organisation?

They should be, because your people are your most important asset. However, people based problems show up in the workplace all the time resulting in failing processes, stress and burnout.

It might be hard for you as a business owner to add another plate to the already spinning ones that are high above your head, so through this process of change you can think of a consultant as your trusted advisor.

A people consultant is passionate about people. It’s a simple, yet effective addition to your business. A consultant is someone who understands you and what’s missing. They help to set achievable goals and although they cannot do all of the work for you, they will be there as your accountability towards the evolution of your team/business.

As your trusted advisor, a consultant will bring people-centred, profitable solutions to complex workplace problems to ensure your people are thriving, happy and joyful.

At KKC we typically cover these core competencies: Employee engagement, Change in the workplace, Team Building, Resourcing and retaining talent, Goal setting and management, Grief, Stress and Burnout. This happens through the implementation of powerful change in the format of workshops, individual or team coaching, webinars (the list goes on) – all of which are bespoke to you.

So if you’re team aren’t functioning the way that they should be or if your processes are failing, then a consultant would be able to solve these problems for you with ease and simplicity.

Does a life coach sound like someone you need in your life? Or maybe you need a business consultant to take you/your team to the next level?

Do you need to get started with being and doing what you were fearlessly and wonderfully made for?

Take the first steps towards that change by downloading our freebies. Everyone loves something for free especially when it’s been tried and tested, by not only ourselves but many of our wonderful clients.

Call us on: 07734469482

Check out our websites:

We can’t wait to guide you to your incredible ability, to make your dreams become reality.

It’s all within you waiting to be released.

Dream it, believe it, achieve it…

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